Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sewing and woodworking

So I'm not the best blogger out there but I have good reasons. We are expecting our fourth child soon and we have been hard at work getting ready for her. Yes I said it - it's a GIRL - finally after 3 boys - I'm so excited to get to sew some girl clothes now. So we have been hard at work finishing off the attic so that we could move all my crafting stuff out of the spare bedroom - so that we could fix the cottage cheese textured walls, build a closet and refloor the roof. This house is a labour of love....and heartache.  Renos aren't fun! especially when you have so much to do and very little time to do it. Dh is soooo stressed and I'm stressed because I can't do as much as I'd like being pregnant.  Anyways in the last 3 months I've finished off the curtains in the family room - wow what a task that was.

family room curtains

Don't you love the toys in the toyroom! I love how they migrate into the family room within mins of the kids being up :) Anyways they are done and I am so happy with the results. They definitely keep the drafts out. Here's another angle of the room - o how I love this room! 

family room curtains

I have to shamefully admit that I haven't done a ton of sewing this past year but that because there really  wasn't a great spot for it - the spare bedroom had everything in it but other things around the house had to be done before I could get back to sewing. In the process I learnt how to build furniture. So when it was time to furnish the attic (my new sewing room) I wanted to build everything, mostly because I couldn't afford the price of custom as the attic stairs are steep as steep can get. Dh thought I was nuts but he soon realized I CAN DO IT, YES I CAN! So here's what the attic looked like when we bought this house.

After the walls, insulation and floor were in.




Here's one of the two fabric storage cupboard I've been building, it has wood centres now though. I just looking for the perfect door knobs. I got the plans from ana white's website.


here's my 3 machine tables and cutting table.


Tonight I got everything primed and tomorrow will be painting it all. It's almost done. Although it could take a few more week until after baby is born, to finish the stain part.