Monday, November 29, 2010

Sewing links

Below are my sewing links. If there are any problems (ie broken links etc) please let me know. (There shouldn't be any right now as I have gone through them all)

Baby / kids - shirts and pants etc from 0 thru 1st year free barbie doll clothes patterns

Around the kitchen / home - how to make a crinoline - underwear sewing women and children - converting regular bra to nursing bra Lekala patterns - some are free for download and other only certain sizes are available for free. clothing for women, children and men

Around the house

purse tutorial

Cloth Pads Mama cloth - All the different styles with printable pattern

Links to various sewing links - hand made gifts (not really sewing but could be useful) - top 100 tutorials of 2008 - overview of sewing from textbook etc

techniques - burn test how to determine your fabric - how to make labels various sewing tutorials * great site


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Jalie pattern 2918

jalie 2918
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Oh how I love this pattern. This will definitely be my go to shirt pattern for all the boys including dh. It's also nice to be able to match all of boys in the same shirt although dh rolls his eyes when I say that. There is a size range from size 2T (approximately) all the way up to size 22 men's. I only wish it came in some smaller sizes for ds2 who's 8 months but the size range is amazing (as with all of Jalie's patterns). It also has 3 varying styles to choose from in both rounded and vneck including tshirt, long sleeve, and tshirt with a contrasting long sleeve underneath. Although I have a ton of patterns now because I was able to get back issues of Ottobre design magazine at a substantial discount (30% off) plus free shipping, I desperately needed a Men's pattern for DH as I think that he's starting to feel left out because I don't really make him anything. I tried a simplicity shirt pattern a while back but didn't like the result as it was just to big in the neckline.

To be perfectly honest, I love sewing but the one of the reasons I started sewing was because I can make things for cheaper than I can buy them (usually, lol). The others are that since my mother past away I feel closer to her when I sew because it was something that she loved so much (although she never had the time to teach me much about the craft). The bonus of sewing, is that it has given me so much pride. I just love seeing things that I make.

I used navy interlock on this shirt and cotton ribbing. I absolutely love interlock. It definitely has more substance than Jersey does and will hold up to the abuse that the boys (including dh) will show it.