Friday, September 27, 2013

Sew - sew - sew! Fair's a coming!

Dh has been bugging me for the past couple of years to enter some of my sewing projects into the fair, so this year I entered 5 items (to make up for all the years he's been bugging me to enter!) 

Ottobre 5/2012 #1 - first place winner

here is my version of the tunic! I shortened it quite significantly - 5 inches - yes 5 inches - I guess I'm a little bit short - lol. Anyways this tunic falls just below my bum and when paired with knee high boots and leggins - it will be oh so comfortable! I used a lightweight navy linen that I purchased from a few years ago. I also left off the pockets and zipper. I then handstitched the bottom and neck facing using white jean thread! I love this top and for less than 10$ I have a one of a kind top! A couple of months ago I also purchased a whole bunch of sewing machine feet from ebay (finally after years of having just the feet that came with my janome). One of those machine feet was a ruffler foot. I think I paid $12.00 or so for it but I can see why people like this foot and it came in mighty handy for doing this project. I enter this into our local fair and it won 1st place and a  $25 gift certificate to fabricland!

Ottobre 1/2011 #13 - Ruffled skirt (denim - centre top front) First place winner


This skirt was my first ever separating zipper! The pattern is a great pattern only I think that the waistband really should have included an adjustable waist. and when I was doing the waistband facing I should have used white bobbin thread not navy blue! The next project that I do, I'm planning on using a double sided fusing tape to hold the inner facing seam allowance down so i cant topstitch the outer facing with precision - hopefully this makes the facing look cleaner.

Create Kids Couture - Elena's twirly peasant dress - with short sleeves - First place winner!
I love this pattern! It's simple and easy with a dramatic finished look! all the ruffles were hand done :/ as I hadn't received my ruffler foot yet.
I loved this pattern so much I decided to make it for my niece in less dramatic colours and entered it into a different category. It won 2nd place

Ottobre 5/2010 #6 (first place)

This pattern was a challenge to sew. it started with the placket - the directions for sewing it seems so confusing that i just winged it and turned the corners more rounded then square. i know i clipped them wrong but for the life of me i can't figure out how i was supposed to do it. then of course the facing was a nightmare - facings i just can't master yet! I ended up hand stitching the inner facing then top stitching from the front!

I am really happy with the results and plan on entering again next year!