Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mini Superman

Here's ds2's halloween costume. How come last minute ideas seem to turn out the best? I used ottobre design magazine, issue 6/2009 Naava coverall. The only difficulty that I had was the crotch gusset but it turned out nicely. The only advise that I have is go slow here. The bootees and cape are also from ottobre, issue 4/2004. I also added snaps to it (not pictured) in blue post and yellow sockets and studs. Pardon the enormous diaper bum, thats what you get when you put 6 doublers in one (cloth) diaper :). I had all the material here left over from previous projects so it cost me nothing! Yay for free!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Old Ironing board makeover

So here's my old ironing board. Dull and lifeless. Not at all theinspirational motivation that I need when sewing inthe wee hours of the morning. I also wanted to make a tailor's ham and seam roll as they want like $10+ in the stores for them. I read that you have to use saw dust or hamster shavings to stuff into your tailor's ham, as it needs to be really compact. I preferred the saw dust, only didn't really know anyone that has any/enough to make a tailor's ham. So low and behold I asked at home depot if they carried anything like that. The gentleman asked me how much I needed and then proceeded to walk me to the cutting table. I got a big bag of it for free. Hum, I'll have to keep that in mind for future projects. So the total cost of this project because I had all of the supplies already. It took about 8 cups of saw dust to stuff my ham but I could have stuffed it more if I had more patience today.
Ironing board cover

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ottobre Orava Sweatpants

Orava Sweatpants w/ Raglan tshirt

These are made from the 4/2010 issue of ottobre. The design changes I made were adding the strips of fabric on the front of the pants and leaving off the back pockets. They are made from orange and brown organic bamboo valour that I had left over from ds2 diapers I made. Brown organic cotton ribbing accents the top and bottom legs. I can't seem to explain how muchI hate sewing with this fabric but the results are beyond my expectations. It's a very light weight fabric and you need to give yourself an generous seam allowance especially when serging it as it likes to curl. Given that this is a valour you can't iron it too much without distorting the pile of the fabric.
I also teamed this up with the Raglan tshirt from 2/2005 with
the same materials.

Saturday, October 9, 2010 purchase

I decided to finally order some cotton ribbing from as it's very difficult to find it locally. I was more than thrilled when it arrived on Friday. I ordered most organic cotton ribbing only because that's what they had. It's so soft. I also ordered some of their interlock and was hesitant as it said that it was lightweight but I was very satisfied when it arrived. I definitely will order again from them.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Simplicity 9499

Men's shirt
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This is the shirt that I made for dh. He said it's too big in the neck but otherwise nice. Which means he won't wear it. I wish that he would have lied and wore it at least once. I do agree it is a bit to big but it still looks nice. I made it in size large as he has a unique frame (not that I'm complaining at all :) I wanted to make sure that it would fit his arms. He was in between the medium and the large size so I thought that the large couldn't hurt. I guess this shirt will become a few new shirts for the boys. Next time I will attempt a medium maybe even a small and lengthen the arms and length of the shirt. Today I purchased a kwik sew pattern for men and a Jalie sewing pattern for men. We will see how they compare to the Simplicity.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

spiderman pants

I whipped up these pants for my ds1 from New Look's 6641 pattern. It's a size 3T. I did like the way that these pants turned out. However next time I would have shortened the length of the pants as they were super long (this time I just double folded and stitched them for room to grow). I also would have put non-roll elastic in them. Ds loves them!