Sunday, October 25, 2009

Review of Snap pliers for plastic snaps

I read alot of mixed reviews of these snap pliers. A lady was selling them on ebay for roughly $40.00 shipped including 450 snaps. So compared to a snap press (which usually is about $120+) I figured I would try them. It took over a month to receive as it came from china but I was just impatient to try them. So when I received them I tried them. I was ticked off as it keep pressing my male connector piece which in turn wouldn't snap into the female piece. No directions were included so after 30 minutes I figured maybe it was the knob on the pliers as it came with another set. I change it and low and behold it worked perfect every time. Once you've figured out what size to use they are really easy to use and don't require a lot of pressure to press them. Plus they don't take up as much room and they were much cheaper then the snap press. A lot less frustrating then applying the metal snaps with a hammer. You tube also has a video on how they work and how to change them.

Serging around outside and inside curves re: cloth pads

It has defiantly been a while since I have updated my blog, mostly due to the fact that I am pregnant. I'm 15 weeks and have suffered through extreme nausea this entire pregnancy more so than my first child. I used Adahy's cloth pad pattern located here to make some panty liners and another larger pad similar to the that pattern make a super pad. I do admit I am a sucker for cloth pads and hate when I have to use disposables (like when we go camping). Laundering them is as simple as throwing them into the diaper pail and washing them with cloth diapers or if you don't have cloth diapers throw them in a small pail of vinegar and cold water until wash day and then when ready to wash, I prewash on cold then do a hot wash. Hang to dry for longer life and environmental reasons or throw them into the dryer if needed.

I just figured out how to serge around tight inside and outside curves. I won't lie to you though it takes a lot of practice. Don't expect it to happen overnight. If you are new to serging first practice doing outside curves. these are easy once you get the hang of it. Make sure that you are watching both where you're stitching and where your cutting blade is. GO SLOW at first and then speed up when you feel comfortable. Next get some cheap flannel (I found some in the as is section because it frayed easily, you can also use old tshirts or scaps) cut out your pad shape x 2 pieces. Start at one of the outside curves and as you near the inside curve pull your fabric away from the cutting blade (almost as if you are sewing straight) go really slow here and if needed lift the presser foot to reposition the fabric if you need to. Keep this up until done. It does take practice so don't be upset if you don't get it right off the bat. Hope this helps others!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Embroidery Machine

Well after reading hundreds of reviews of the brother embroidery machine I have decided that well the embroidery area of 4x4 might limit my creativeness and that I might regret it in the near future. I am looking at the Janome 350 E now. It has a 5x7 hoop with an upgradable gigahoop 7.9x9.1) for only $100. It definitely seems like a huge investment but I am certain that if I can save for it, it will pay off. I would love to get a used one but I am having troubles finding one right now, probably because it's a fairly newer model.

Sew*Chic Mama

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Brother HE 240 and pfaff coversytle serger

So I have decide to purchase another sewing machine. One that has some more embroidery designs to it. I didn't quite think that I would purchase a $500 machine but after reading all the reviews the brother he 240 machine sounds like a good buy as it not only sews but also embroiders as well. Does anyone have any advise for this particular machine? I was actually interested in the other model of embroidery machine by brother as it was $100 less but realized that it doesn't have a usb port in it. I've always said buy the best you can for your budget as you might regret it later. That's why I got a pfaff serger to grow with not be upset after 2 months and boy am I glad I did. The brother embroidery machine seems to have everything I would need. The original reason I want to upgrade my machine from a kenmore is although it's a great machine it does only basic sewing. I would love a few more embroidery stitches and foot attachments. But foot attachments to my surprise cost a lot of money. The brother machine I believe has the foot attachments that I needed (blind hem stitch). Now all I have to do is save the money! Sounds easy right! LOL

My serger is a pfaff covertstyle which I purchased at quilter's dream in Waterdown. Their website is . Linda helped me out and was a lot of help. I was debating in the very basic pfaff serger or the coverstyle that I got. I didn't know how much I would use it as I got a sewing machine a few years ago for Christmas when my hubby and I were first married. I got really frustrated with how unprofessional my items looked when finished with a sewing machine so like most my sat in the closet and collected dust. When my son was born I really wanted take up sewing again. When my mother past away shortly after I wanted to give him homemade heirlooms. I remember my mom sewing for me when I was a kid. Boy do I miss her. Sewing now is my solitude and makes me feel like my mother is with me, as I know she is. I really enjoy it now. I am glad I choose the coverstyle though, as I can do coverstitch great for my son's tshirts and pants, as well as so many other stitches. I haven't yet figured out how or what every stitch looks like. I have just started keeping a card with all the stitches that I have done that way in the future if I really want to make a certain stitch but can't remember the name I'll have it written down.

I really want to be a stay at home mom now after realizing that children grow up so fast but can't until after our next child. (whenever that is as we have been trying for over 9 months now!) :( So until then I have to save, save, save! I'm tired of being in the rat race always rushing here and there and buying this and that and well never really being happy. For the last 3 weeks I've been at home (as I haven't had many shifts because of summer break) and I have loved it. I have had time to do laundry and dishes and spend time with my family whom I love dearly. And although I would be giving up my education and good money to stay at home with my children I can't fathom my children turning in to br*** because I wasn't there for them. Children need routine. My mother worked 3 jobs when I was a kid and although I knew she had her reasoning, things just aren't worth not knowing your children. Don't get me wrong my mother was an amazing person. I just wish I got to spend more time with her before she past away. I think my husband thinks I'm nuts as I only work part time now but even part time feels like a lot when you have kids. I don't want to send my kids to the babysitter's that just isn't me. I am nervous though, will I loose my dignity and self worth being a mom and not working. I think it's worth the sacrifices!

Sew*Chic Mama

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fleece Pants and Bargains

Here's the fleece camouflage pants that I mentioned in the previous post. (left hand side)

The right picture is that of a baby blanket for my soon to be niece. I used minkee for the one side which is super soft and the matching fabric that I made for everything. This project was not the worst I made it's actually one of the better ones. The diaper bag only called for interfacing so I thought by using heavy weight interfacing that it wouldn't collapse on itself. That was a wrong assumption to make. From what i have been reading fusible fleece would have given me the look that I wanted. Oh well, I'm not taking it apart now. Next time I will do that.
My bargains today included: Cotton prints for $3.00 a meter and light weight interfacing for $1.00 a meter. Now that was a deal!

Thanks for reading and have a great day!
Sew*Chic Mama

Sewing Rampage!

This is the place where I will keep all of my sewing and crafting projects. Read, digest and enjoy!

I have been hard at work sewing. I just got my serger back in March and am so excited to be creating. I have already sewn and turned a bunch of wool sweaters into diaper covers. I then lanolized them using the same lanolin that nursing mothers use. The covers turned out really well. I think that next time I will put in elastic in the waistband though. I haven't quite figured out how to use the 5th thread option on my serger yet, I'm sure that when I do it will save quite a bit of time. I also made my son some lime green diaper covers too. They look more like short shorts than anything so my hubby calls them his wrestling shorts. I got the fabric really cheap that's why I bought it and because I was just practicing with my new serger.

I also just finished up a pair of camoflague orange pants for my son, without a purchased pattern. I used the "copy a pair that fits him" method and made them about one inch longer in the length to compensate for growth. I will just roll them up until he fits into them. They look awesome. I even added a little label that says "sew*chic by mommy". I just came up with it yesterday. For the labels I used a tshirt press and pressed a design I came up with onto plain white cotton. I then decided that I didn't want it to fray so I sewed them up the sides and turned it so the right side was out. The whole project was one of my favorites so far. Previous to that I was hard at work putting together a diaper bag for my brother's first child. It's a girl! so I made her a diaper bag, 3 burp clothes, a bib, a blanket and a wet bag!. All that's left is to put snaps on the wet bag and bib, wrap it all up nice and pretty and wait for her arrival. oh and I course attach a label that says I love her or something.

Thanks for reading and please come back soon.
Sew*Chic Mama