Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sewing Rampage!

This is the place where I will keep all of my sewing and crafting projects. Read, digest and enjoy!

I have been hard at work sewing. I just got my serger back in March and am so excited to be creating. I have already sewn and turned a bunch of wool sweaters into diaper covers. I then lanolized them using the same lanolin that nursing mothers use. The covers turned out really well. I think that next time I will put in elastic in the waistband though. I haven't quite figured out how to use the 5th thread option on my serger yet, I'm sure that when I do it will save quite a bit of time. I also made my son some lime green diaper covers too. They look more like short shorts than anything so my hubby calls them his wrestling shorts. I got the fabric really cheap that's why I bought it and because I was just practicing with my new serger.

I also just finished up a pair of camoflague orange pants for my son, without a purchased pattern. I used the "copy a pair that fits him" method and made them about one inch longer in the length to compensate for growth. I will just roll them up until he fits into them. They look awesome. I even added a little label that says "sew*chic by mommy". I just came up with it yesterday. For the labels I used a tshirt press and pressed a design I came up with onto plain white cotton. I then decided that I didn't want it to fray so I sewed them up the sides and turned it so the right side was out. The whole project was one of my favorites so far. Previous to that I was hard at work putting together a diaper bag for my brother's first child. It's a girl! so I made her a diaper bag, 3 burp clothes, a bib, a blanket and a wet bag!. All that's left is to put snaps on the wet bag and bib, wrap it all up nice and pretty and wait for her arrival. oh and I course attach a label that says I love her or something.

Thanks for reading and please come back soon.
Sew*Chic Mama

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