Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Nursing cover / sun shade

(full view of nursing cover)
(decorative topstitching)
(view of boning so cover sticks out)
I whipped up this beautiful nursing cover that resembles the hooter's hider. I got the tutorial here. I made a few changes as I also wanted to use this as a sun cover for ds2 as he is only 3months old and not yet allowed to use sunscreen. I have used blankets but ds2 is so long that his feet sick out of the carrier. So I lengthen it to 32". I also did a rolled hem for the bottom hem and added a decorative topstitch. The directions also failed to included a stitching line so that the boning doesn't go beyond the straps. I loved the tutorial and love the cover. Similar covers retail for $40.00 but this only cost approximately $9.00 to make as I recall the fabric was about $8.00 a meter but you can find cheaper fabric. Well actually all the materials I had laying around from other projects and I acquired some boning from my mother-in-law so really it was free. The d-rings are not really necessary as you could just do a pretty tied bow in the back. It would be a great sewing project for a novice sewer too!

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