Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sewing Room update

Tonight was a long night and we got everything done. We sand and touched up the trim, bolted the machine table to the wall, installed holes for the wires in the machine table and applied covers, finished installing the embroidery stabilizer holders, painted all the kick plates, tidy up a bit did the first over vacuum. Now all that is left is to secure the entangled lights wires and to organize. My hubby made a joke about how it should be finished in about another month with the way that I like to organize. Seriously, this is the best part for me. I am the most ocd person I have met when it comes to organization. Finally a little part of my home can be as ocd as I am. Where to start? I have a lot of left over wallpaper, so I was thinking of using it to cover over some tin cans for storage and put them on my ample pegboard board that my hubby so graciously installed. Maybe I'll use some empty cereal boxes for magazine holders or maybe sew some up. Oh, how the possibilities are endless now.

As for lights. Like I said in a previous post we installed a plug-in style from ikea, hiding it behind the pegboard. To assess the lights on and off switch, I will be using our x10 system which we bought for our halloween display before we had children. It plugs into the wall and then you can plug in a device (such as a light) then you use the remote control (wirelessly) to turn it off and on with. I have seen these types of things at the hardware store under different names, however the x10 you can set up to operate using computer software from say your work. It really is neat but I have to admit that the website makes you think that it's a scam as it's really cheesy looking. I'll post pictures once I get everything where I like it. I wish that there was more time tonight to finish everything but ds1 peed the bed and I had to wash his security blanky and the world was coming to an end for him, plus ds2 decided that he wanted to stay up and watch mommy. I finally realized that he wanted to play the pick me up and hold me game for the last hour. Our first son played that game for the first 6months, finally my hubby and I were so tired that we started to let him cry it out (which broke our hearts) but eventually after 15mins of (light) crying (not the screaming kind of crying) he would fall asleep. Within a week of doing this he would fall asleep as soon as he was put into bed. But tonight was the first time I have ever let my ds2 ever cry it out and it broke my heart. I knew that he was playing with me but it doesn't make it easier. Some may disagree with this (I did too) but sometimes kids and babies toy with our need to baby them and sometimes they take it too far. We all have limits. Sleep deprivation is definitely one of them.

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