Friday, October 22, 2010

Old Ironing board makeover

So here's my old ironing board. Dull and lifeless. Not at all theinspirational motivation that I need when sewing inthe wee hours of the morning. I also wanted to make a tailor's ham and seam roll as they want like $10+ in the stores for them. I read that you have to use saw dust or hamster shavings to stuff into your tailor's ham, as it needs to be really compact. I preferred the saw dust, only didn't really know anyone that has any/enough to make a tailor's ham. So low and behold I asked at home depot if they carried anything like that. The gentleman asked me how much I needed and then proceeded to walk me to the cutting table. I got a big bag of it for free. Hum, I'll have to keep that in mind for future projects. So the total cost of this project because I had all of the supplies already. It took about 8 cups of saw dust to stuff my ham but I could have stuffed it more if I had more patience today.
Ironing board cover

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