Monday, November 29, 2010

Sewing links

Below are my sewing links. If there are any problems (ie broken links etc) please let me know. (There shouldn't be any right now as I have gone through them all)

Baby / kids - shirts and pants etc from 0 thru 1st year free barbie doll clothes patterns

Around the kitchen / home - how to make a crinoline - underwear sewing women and children - converting regular bra to nursing bra Lekala patterns - some are free for download and other only certain sizes are available for free. clothing for women, children and men

Around the house

purse tutorial

Cloth Pads Mama cloth - All the different styles with printable pattern

Links to various sewing links - hand made gifts (not really sewing but could be useful) - top 100 tutorials of 2008 - overview of sewing from textbook etc

techniques - burn test how to determine your fabric - how to make labels various sewing tutorials * great site


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