Thursday, December 6, 2012

Handmade medicine cabinet and wall shelf
So here are my latest creations. A medicine cabinet and wall shelf for our new main floor bathroom. Oh what a luxury it is to have a bathroom on the main floor of our house again. Since we moved here in May our 1914 year old home did not have a bathroom on the main floor. It's a fairly small powder room, however it's right next to the kitchen and family room. With having youngsters it's such a treat because I don't have to cart them the stairs anymore just to use the toilet and make sure they stay out of trouble. It's all conveniently packed into the family room. So what's a stay at home mom to do when decorating a bathroom on a tight budget. Turn to building! I have learned a lot about myself these past couple of months, that I truly am compatible of doing things I didn't think were possible. If I just open my mind and try - I can learn to do anything.
The wall shelf was simple. I used a scrap 1x6 for the backside, 1x3 on top for the shelf part and finished if off with crown moulding and return mitres. 
The medicine cabinet I had to design from scratch as I wanted the crown moulding on top. For the finish - I matched the paint to the mirror I got at home sense with my bday money. I first painted it a chaarcoal grey then a taupe/grey mix - then lightly distressed the edged for the charcoal grey to show through.
So on to the totals:
Wall shelf : all the wood used were scraps from from projects and I got the hooks for $5 in the summer from a garage sale.
the medicine cabinet cost $20 in wood - the b-board was scrap.
with paint the total cost of this project was less than $50 as I have a ton of paint left for other projects.

(not bad when the cheapest medicine cabinet I could find was 130$ for a cheap melamine cabinet

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