Friday, February 26, 2010

Leather Baby Bib

I got the idea from a website I visited and almost had a heart attack when I saw the price. $30.00 I thought it was a bit excessive. So I decided to make my own. I purchased a whole bunch of leather scraps from lens mill. Although I have since realized that they aren't the cheapest for leather scraps. I think that Tandy leather factory might be the cheapest and best of all they are located throughout North America. I think that they were about $5.00 or so per pound for scrap leather. I can't wait to check out their selection.

So anyways I embroidered the fish on it using the hoopless method with two layers of tearaway, the first layer was hooped and the second layer was attached to both the backside of the leather and then to the hoop tearaway using spray adhesive. The design was not very dense so I had no issues with it popping away from the leather. I then sewed with right sides together, the two layers of the bib (using scotch tape to hold it together in some spots as you can't use pins with leather). I then turned and topstitched it and added a snap. Voila! It turned out really nice. I think that my topstitching would have been better if I had a teflon foot. I found leather a little more finicky than any other material I've used but hey it just might take more practice. I might invest in a teflon foot in the future as I love the way my leather sewing projects turn out. This also would be a great project if you have a used leather coat that has seen it's day in some spots! I think that the project cost me about $1/$2 so well worth it. Oh and I got the bib pattern for free by doing a google search.

The best part of this bib is that it's wipe-able! here's the pattern.

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