Saturday, February 20, 2010

Newborn diaper stash

I have been busy sewing up our soon to be newborn son's newborn diaper stash. 26 fitteds using the ddu patterns are shown here plus 10 more ready to be snapped. I used cotton knit for the outer layer a hidden one layer of hemp fleece and topped it with bamboo valour. I then attached a snap in soaker made up of 2 layers of hemp fleece and topped with matching bamboo valour. The knit fabrics that I used were different weights. The black red and brown one is a heavy weight knit (my favourite), the green polka dots a medium weight, and the blue polka dots was a light weight jersey. I would never use a light weight knit again unless I was to put two layers of it then then an inner as it is just to thin for my preference. I knew this making them but loved the print so much that I couldn't resist. Next on the list covers, covers and more covers!

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