Wednesday, March 3, 2010

2nd Attempt at sewing knit - Tank Top (free pattern)

Okay so this was my second attempt at sewing with knit fabric. I love the result! You can find the free pattern from ottobre's website here. Instead of following the directions as I first did (without satisfaction) I attempted it again. I serged a white knit fabric folded(with right sides together) to the pattern print using a 4 thread safty stitch. Then ironed and topstitched the binding (white knit) down. I then serged up the hem with the coverstitch on my pfaff coverstyle. I had never used the coverstitch feature until last night and have to admit that I love it. It makes hemming knit fabric a breeze. My machine really isn't that hard to convert to the coverstitch, however if I was to sew a lot of knit fabric I think I would consider a stand alone coverstitch machine. I would seriously consider the Janome coverpro 900cp. The cheapest I have seen it was for $249.00US dollars which seems kind of silly for a machine that only does one stitch but the nice thing is that you wouldn't have to convert your serger back over. Now the other thing that I learned was that a ball point needle is essential for sewing knit fabric. On my first attempt I didn't have any ballpoint needles on hand and well it was my first attempt so I knew that it wasn't going to turn out perfect (if at all). So I used a universal needle. It did exactly what I read and put large visible holes in the fabric. This is a picture of my first attempt
The pictures are truly deceiving. It looks fine but if you can notice, I serged the hem then (using the wrong needle) hemmed it with my sewing machine which cause the fabric to stretch (I think that I didn't have my differential feed set up properly). Plus I only did one row which could enable thread breakage. The binding is horrid and in some spots I didn't get close enough to the edge so the raw edge of the binding is exposed.

The pattern is a great pattern just remember to add your seam allowance as ottobre only includes seam allowance in the hemline.


  1. I think they look fantastic for a first attempt at knit. It's tricky to work with!

  2. It gets easier with time! You jumped right in and did a great job.. thanks for the link too.. I couldn't find it otherwise