Friday, March 12, 2010

Nursing bra !

So I decided to try and make a few nursing bras, as ds2 is fast approaching. They cost $26.99 in the store and I figured that I could make them fairly cheap. The way I did it was just a test and I will get all the right materials for it soon. I just used what I had on hand.
First of all, I deconstructed my favorite nursing bra (yes I'm silly that way). Then I cut out all of the pieces in scrap jersey. I used 2 layers for each cup, a peek-a-boo hole layer and then the side panel layers. I then serged the peek-a-boo holes using a 3 thread rolled serge. I used 1/4" elastic at the sides which now I understand that fold over elastic would have been so much easier to use (but I didn't want to spend the money if it wasn't going to work out as this was just a test). I should have used a seam allowance of at least 1/4" more so the I could have folded it over and covered the elastic. Then I serged on the bottom, the two layers of each cup to the 1 layer of the peek-a-boo hole. Then sewed up the middle between the cups and then using a zig-zag stitch, on the front of the cups I zig-zaged over the middle reinforcing the top of the bra. I then sewed the side panels to the cups. After which, I sewed the band elastic into place, although I probably should have pulled on the elastic a bit to give it a gather as I am petite in the circumference but top heavy. Because I didn't so this it was very loose in the circumference, so I then sewed a seam in the back (which I shouldn't have done!) as now the shoulder straps will be all wonky. But hey it turned out better than I imagined it would. all that is left is to put on the nursing clasps, some small rings and volia. And next time it will be even more amazing amazing!


  1. Fantastic job! I'll be making some of these myself soon. :)

  2. great! I love it very much. can you send me the pattern?

  3. lilian: my son got into it and tore up the pattern :( So sorry! All I did was use a worn out nursing bra and deconstructed it to reconstruct it. It doesn't fit as nicely as the original but it works