Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ottobre woman 2/2007 #2 (3/4 sleeve t-shirt)

Ottobre 2/2007 #2 3/4 sleeve tshirt
Here's my newest creation! A new shirt for mama. I traced a 36cm but then decided that it may be to big so didn't add a seam allowance to it. A lot of my clothes are starting to show signs of wear (I so promised myself I would never look frumpy but then again that was before becoming a mom :) ) I love wearing these types of tees under my sweater in winter so I decided to give this pattern a go. It's a really simple pattern. I did however omit the side sleeve slits and apply the neck binding using my coverstitch machine. The binding I am most happy with as this was the first time that I have used the same material as the shirt (this was lightweight cotton interlock) and it turned out so nice. My dh couldn't even tell that I made it :) , which is definitely a complement because dh is very observation to small details. Here's what the closeup of the coverstitching looks like.
Ottobre 2/2007 #2 3/4 sleeve tshirt coverstitching
Anyways, the pattern itself I was hoping to be a little more fitting. As you can tell by the next picture it isn't meant to be a closely fitting top. Since I'm 36weeks pregnant it's difficult right now to tell if I may need to take adjustments. So I compared it to one of my favourite tees from Smart Set (in brown), which is an extra small. Yikes....not all tops are created equal!
Comparison of ottobre 2/2007 #2 to xs shirt

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