Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Diaper wipes

Okay so I am frugal when it comes to some things. Why spent $3-4 for disposable wipes when you can make them for pennies. Why pay $6.99 at Walmart for a 4 pack of baby wash clothes. I made these double sided (great for messy clean ups) for about 17 cents each. If you compare the cost of disposable wipes (lets take Pampers Clean and Go which are my favorite because they smell oh so good) at $3.95 a package for 60 wipes, you are spending 7 cents per wipe. Plus you use it only once and throw it away. Say you go through 3 packages a week for a year that's 156 packages a year! Multiply that by say 3 years of bum wiping that's a total of 468 packages in the landfill. Not to mention the fact that you spent $1,848.60 to wipe bum for 3 years. Now that's a lot of sewing supplies or clothes or whatever else that suits your fancy! Here I used some discounted flannel from fabricland for $2.00 per meter. I first cut them into squares 7.25 inches x 7.25 inches and serged them around. If you don't have a serger no problem with right sides facing each other sew around leaving about an inch gap in the middle of one of the sides to turn them. Then top stitch them closing up the gap. I urge you to try going frugal and green this year. Use cloth to clean up spills instead of using pricey paper towels.

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  1. You are absolutely right about how expensive wipes are! It always surprises me when I see cloth diaper users buying disposable wipes. I made cloth wipes too. :D