Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Okay what do you buy for that someone on your list that has or can buy anything or who may re-gift the present? Well make them something that they can't find or give away :). I made these great placemats for my sister-in-law for Christmas. There are an array of tutorials on the net for great placemats. I made these off the top of my head as they are pretty easy. I used black broadcloth I got for $2.88 a meter and a quilter's cotton print for added dimension. I then added a lightweight interfacing I got at fabricland for $1.00 per meter as it had dirt marks from falling on the floor. I then embroidered her and her family's names on each placemats. I also made 2 other tiny placemats for the bar that were half the size of the normal sized placemats. Okay so yes I shouldn't have gone to all the trouble for someone who may not appreciate it but you have to look at it this way. It cost me about $7.00 for the supplies and I get more experience sewing! So that in itself makes it seem worth it to me. She opened them up on Christmas and loved them. Then my brother-in-law said to me "She dragged me everywhere for bar placemats and couldn't find them anywhere!"

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