Friday, February 25, 2011

Ottobre Raglan T-shirt 2/2005 / sewing pattern kwik sew

Raglan TShirt 2/2005
So the race is now on to make ds1 a stash of tshirts for summer as he doesn't have any that fit him. I unofficially vowed to make him his wardrobe this summer as 1. i love seeing things on him that I make 2. it's cheaper than even used sometimes, although I always acquire more stash fabric this way ;) which is still a bonus 3. I just want to see if I can do it. I think that this is do-able. I already know that he has enough shorts so he doesn't need any of those, although I am planning on making him at least one pair to match this shirt.

I did make this tshirt in size 98cm which is roughly a 4t (although ds is 3) but found it a little bit wide even for a 4t. If I were to make this one again I would use the 4t length but maybe go down a size or two in the width. I did love this pattern though. It went together nicely and effortlessly. Another great pattern from'd think that I work for this because that all I sew from for the kids (LOL)

This shirt was done in a 98%cotton 3%lycra and I have to agree with a lot of other sewists on this one that I love the feel of the cotton with the lycra. It cost me $3.98 a yard and I used maybe a 1/4 of a yard (guessing though) So it cost say $1 to make which is a lot cheaper than $4-7 dollars of used tshirt that they want from our local consignment store. Yes, if you take into account the time factor well it's not really worth it but I love sewing, and it's an enjoyable hobby. Although I have to admit I also do it to save the family $$$ which is always an added bonus.

I also appliqued some prewashed lightweight linen that I will use to make ds1 some shorts in the near future (I already have pattern traced although might have to trace it in a smaller size). The applique turned out pretty well although I would strongly advise using a medium weight linen and not a lightweight as it frayed from the embroidery needle that I had to hand stitch anyways. I'm also not so happy with the location of the frog. I intended for it to be higher up on the tshirt but once again wasn't paying attention when I was hooping it (to busy trying to get it done well dh was watching the children) . Ah well, lesson learned. I did however learn that instead of using spray adhesive (which I despise now as it's all over my floor and counter and cutting mat-which is not coming out) I hoop a heavy weight cutaway then ironed on tearaway stabilizer to the back of the shirt and pinned it onto the hooped heavy weight cutaway. It worked perfectly which no offset stitching. I will definitely use this method again.

Onto my excite find of the month! I got over 120 vintage kwik sew patterns from kijiji today. There are also doubles of most of the patterns for each sizing grade. There were a lot of men's stuff in the lot which I was seriously lacking in my patterns. I really don't think that I will sew all of them but it's great to have around my sewing room, especially for birthdays and such. I picked up the whole lot for $40. Well worth it if I sew at least 4 outfits from them. Nowadays kwik sew patterns range in price but average is around $11 per pattern.

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