Thursday, February 3, 2011

Spring/Summer Sewing Plan

UPDATED: Feb 22/2010 **** Yesterday I found out I am pregnant again with our third child. So I will have to revise my sewing plan because well there really isn't a reason to make anything for myself until I know for certain how far along I am. I'm assuming that I will be like 6-7months along in the summer so I might need some tshirts and tanks but until I know for sure I'm postponing stuff for myself.

I haven't been sewing at all in recent weeks because I'm overwhelming myself with all the stuff that I want to accomplish but haven't. I haven't sewn very much for myself and thought that I should start only because I have never had anything properly. I have decided that I need to make a plan. Everything starts somewhere. Here we go!

1. Burda 8501 view A (Completed)
- Fabric: Black lightweight linen
- design details: white machine embroidery at bottom hemline

2. Vintage Simplicity 6615 view #2 (Shirt only)
- Fabric: Yellow linen
- design details: no sleeve cuffs, embroidery to neckline

3. Short (no idea what pattern or fabric)

4. Vogue V2907 View B
-Fabric: ?
-Design details:?

1. Ottobre Design Magazine 3/2009 #23
- Fabric: Olive green Lightweight linen
- Design details: frog at bottom left pant

2. Ottobre Raglan Tshirt 2/2005 #5 (Completed)
-fabric: blue with brown ribbing
- Design details: frog on shoulder

3. Ottobre Plaid pants 2/2003
- Fabric: Linen/cotton blend, brown plaid
- Design Details: add strip to interior seam at 3/4" and buttons to roll pants into shorts

4. Kwik Sew 3298 - Men's underwear (Completed)

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